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Our Easy 5 Step Process to Replace Your Roof

Are You Overwhelmed by the Prospect of Roof Replacement?

You may find yourself unsure of where to start when faced with the need for a roof replacement. The task might seem monumental, but fear not! This doesn't have to be an intimidating endeavor. By adhering to these 5 simple steps, you can streamline the process and minimize any hassle.

Step 1 - The Inspection

The primary step is to schedule a free inspection. We will dispatch a qualified and trained insurance specialist to assess any potential damage. This meticulous inspection involves scrutinizing your roof for both storm-related and regular wear-and-tear damage.

Should any damage be detected, our insurance specialist will clarify whether it's covered by your insurance policy and address any inquiries you may have. Following the inspection, a comprehensive written report is promptly submitted to your insurance company. If the damage meets the criteria for replacement, the insurance specialist will help you initiate a roof claim on the very same day!

Step 2 - Meeting with The Insurance Adjuster

Once the roof claim is lodged with your insurance provider, an Insurance Adjuster will be dispatched to reassess the damage. During this evaluation, a representative from America’s Best Roofing will be present to collaborate with you and the Insurance Adjuster. This collaboration aims to align observations and negotiate on your behalf to maximize your claim potential.

Depending on the insurer's policies, they might or might not conclude the damage report and the roof replacement estimate on the same day. If approved, a check for the damage amount (minus your deductible) may be issued.

Step 3 - Select Your Materials

Upon receiving approval for storm damage replacement, the subsequent phase is selecting your desired materials. This entails picking your preferred color, materials (shingles or metal), ventilation, and any other desired features.

Step 4 - The Building Process

Once you've made your selections and your initial payment from the insurance company is secured, construction typically commences within 7-10 days. Roof installation projects are remarkably swift, taking just an average of 2 days from teardown to completion.

Step 5 - The Final Filing Process

After the construction is satisfactorily completed, your representative from America’s Best Roofing will finalize documentation pertaining to the extent of damage and repair costs. This comprehensive report, accompanied by your completed claim, will be submitted to your insurance company. From this point onward, your involvement concludes, and your insurance provider will process the claim and release payment.

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